"My name is Don Dostie.

I don’t care a whole lot about marketing, emails, or the internet. My son, Ken, suggested that we put up this web site to help us turn strangers into friends, and friends into long-term customers.

Well, here it is. I suppose that these things impress some people, but I can tell you that my long-standing customers have never been to this site.

My customers don’t care about stuff like this. They care about Arken delivering on our word. They care about deadlines. They care about quality.

I’ve been in the carbide die business my whole life. I still work late into the evenings and I never, ever miss a deadline if there’s anything I can do to avoid it. Fortunately, Ken thinks the same way as I do.

If you’re looking for some people who know a whole lot about carbide die repair and rebuilding, we're your guys. Give me a call and I’ll see if we can help you out.

In the meantime, Ken probably wants you to look around our fancy web site. If he picks up the phone when you call, tell him you were impressed."